The one about Owning your Sh*t


Well life can sure be a can of shitballs eh!

Stress, work, think, sleep, stress, drive, think, sleep, ugh, depressed, laugh….

Seriously, how smoothly is life supposed to roll anyways?

I have finally come to a point where it’s time to OWN THAT SHIT. Own the crappy path life has handed to me.  And I will trudge along not expecting anything more.

Life is not all about rainbows, unicorns and balloons.

Life can suck, life can throw nothing but shit at you and will test you to your final limit. But why, at times, is this a bad thing?  How can we turn a mishmash of shitballs into a ride on a magical motherfucking unicorn with rainbows shooting out our ass?

We OWN IT! That’s right….we OWN our shit and OWN it well!

I believe there is a difference between acceptance and owning it. Acceptance feels, to me, like a last resort.  Like you are being dragged through the mud and your only option is to just take it.

Owning is a completely different level of “I got this shit”. It’s above and beyond acceptance.  It’s more like a sense of appreciation or clarity.  Not so much as “not giving a shit” but more of a “oh well….oh look …. Shiny” squirrel kinda thing.  It just doesn’t matter.

If I don’t own the mishmash of shitballs I’m in, I will never find happiness again.

Death brings life to little things. Death brings life to what truly matters.

So it’s time to OWN YOUR SHIT!

I have become an open book of self awareness and will poke fun at myself any chance I get.

I OWN that I am a bit weird and crazy. Laughter is the best medicine.  Make me laugh and you have won my heart!

I OWN that life isn’t all rainbows, unicorns and balloons. I will deal with the shit and wonder why we are all so quick to numb anything negative.  Let yourself cry!  I OWN my fucking tears!

I OWN that I may never be truly happy again and I may live the rest of my life alone but I will strive to laugh and watch “Friends” episodes with my boys as long as possible and my new “boyfriend” will always have room in my bed. His name is “Netflix”.

I OWN that I am not your “typical” female. I talk about shit, burping and farts but everyone does it!

I OWN that I do my own thing at my own time. You may call this selfish, I call it protection.

I OWN that I am part redneck, politically incorrect and not very lady like. But I love lipgloss so that must make me part woman.

I OWN that I have a potty mouth but only because I am emphasizing the important shit.

Life can suck. Life can be depressing and sad and full of turmoil but for me, I will OWN each and every emotion and squash it like a little bitch.

Bring it on….I’m ready

Now OWN your shit….and smile.





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