The one about vagina shorts

I have an odd question. Am I the only one who thinks the world of workout shorts have a length problem?

Workout gear is a top money maker. Hey, I am not going to lie…I would follow Nike to the ends of the earth in their running shoes.  I love “workout” gear but that is also my comfort zone.

But I think that is the key word here…. Comfortable!

Am I wrong in thinking that some female shorts… are simply TOO SHORT!  Am I the only one who feels there needs to be some level of appropriate length in shorts while you are training?

Hey, wear what you want, when you want but “working out” has a level of bendiness and knowing that your shorts are SHORTER than your vagina lips is kind of a problem! I like to squat, roll, lunge, push.  Hey, some kettlebell moves ask for some serious spread.  Throw in some Brettzels and 90/90’s, FRC, pikes, pigeons…you get the picture.  There needs to be some sort of reasonable coverage, does there not?

What if you missed a shave? Is there a chance of a bit too much popping out?

As my good friend Cubo’s says “they have tights underneath them, it’s all good” SAY WHAT?  That is a clear sign that those are too damn short if they need another layer underneath them.

When I walk into a sports store to purchase a pair of shorts and the majority of the time I have to shop in the mens section, I think there needs to be some sort of change (come on Nike…..)

My response to their comment of “the womens section is over there” is very simple. “I don’t wear Vagina shorts”.  That seems to shut them up or give them a pause of heavy thought.

If I have to pick my shorts out of my vagina while I’m working out….how great of a workout is that? (and the perfect reason why Thongs are for feet)

(the photo tells the story)

vagina shorts photo

The only eyes right now who see this peach are mine…and that is when I’m shaving it!




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