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I have been eagerly awaiting the finishing product that has been created with the help of Sproing Creative to help create more awareness for heart health. The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona will be including some information for our awareness video in the coming week and then it becomes “Go time”!

Peters Story not only includes an educational video, it includes a website. A website that helps to educate the general public and gives an avenue of healing.  A forum for individuals who have lost a loved one, as interaction with people who are going through the same process as you may give some sense of healing.  It is impossible for me to accept the fact that I have to live the rest of my days alone and without the person I loved and married.  Life seems meaningless and unbearable when I think about what has been lost.  But in the next breath I understand how precious life is and how much I love my family and our two boys and I know there needs to be something that can steer us along in a positive direction as we grieve.

It is this sadness that many others can truly understand.

The individual who has lost a loved one and is struggling to make it through each day, it is you I am reaching out to.

I am asking you to share your stories to help others heal! I am asking you to be involved in something that can also help YOU heal and make each breath you take a bit more bearable.  I am also looking for stories of survival.  From individuals who have experienced a heart attack or stroke and have been so lucky to have survived.  These stories of survival will help encourage and motivate others to take charge of their health.

This website is for awareness, help and healing…. Nothing more!

In my attempt to #sharePetersstory I am hoping to create heart health awareness especially in the population who thinks they are bullet proof, the ones that think it won’t happen to them! And in the same breath I know how much the ones left behind need help and avenues to heal.


I know I cannot do it alone! I need help and interaction with others who have experienced the same thing.  Help create a community of strength and courage!

If you are willing to be involved in sharing your story please contact