I am not sure if we all have a true purpose in life. Are we meant to be in the career we have dedicated so many years to?  Is there something more meaningful we are meant to spend our time doing?  Should we learn a new hobby or travel to exotic places?  I really don’t know the answer to that.  Is there a true purpose or do we make that shit up just to help us feel better about our unfulfilling lives?

I honestly do not know if I am missing some true calling in life. If I was meant to make a difference in other peoples lives far greater than I could ever imagine.  Lately, I have come to realize that I have a much stronger fire inside to do some sort of good and make an impact on other people’s liIMG_6369ves outside of my chosen career path.  This fire inside isn’t built by me, it is built by one man.  One man has shown me how precious life is and how brilliantly we can do good in this world.  As completely cliché as it sounds, it is a fact and I can only give myself some sense of calmness and peace if I listen to this fire and push my message as far as possible.  I have a very loud voice and I am ready to use it!

I am ready to scream from the top of my lungs about awareness! Awareness for not only the people you love but for your own heart!  Heart disease awareness is ready to be pushed to the forefront.  I am determined to save some lives and allow children to grow up with both a mother and a father.  Your husband, your brother, your father, your neighbor, your best friend!  The message will be loud and clear so be prepared to hear it and share it.

With the help of Sproing Creative and the amazing sport of Hockey and professional players around the globe, #PetersStory will be shared. It is about creating awareness and nothing more.  Individuals in the professional Hockey world have come forward to help this cause.  Such names as John Carlson, Justin Williams, Nicklas Backstrom , Aaron Volpatti, Chris Osgood, Jerred Smithson, Stacy Roest and a flood more individual players to exciting teams like Colgate University Raiders, Quinnipiac University Bobcats,  University of New Hampshire, Bentley University, Vernon Vipers and one close to my heart, the Lumby Stars plus so many more!  And this is just the beginning!

I lost my husband. Our children lost their father.  A family lost their brother and friends lost one of their own.  You may not know Peter, you may not know me and you may not care to hear about it but I can guarantee you want to live!

Soon, you will know more about heart disease, signs and symptoms and ways to help prevent or reduce the risk from a story I need to share. A story that I believe will create more awareness and buzz about heart disease than we could imagine. #PetersStory

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