The ability to lead an amazing life full of laughter, fun, adventures and great health is everyone’s dream, I am sure. You cannot have one of these without the others.  They all play a substantial role in the success of life.

Now, I have no idea what your days consist of or your well-being or health.

But, what if you could make a difference?

Would you?

Are you willing to reflect on how you treat yourself? Are you worth more than you are giving yourself?

I am asking you to give MORE to yourself.

And all you need to give is time. Just a little bit of time.

Time, that shitty in-your-face reminder of what we can’t finish, what we cannot accomplish.

You see, I know of someone who didn’t make the time. I don’t blame this person at all; we thought there was lots of time to get done what needed to be done.  The time spent with this person was also my time.  It flew by and before we knew it, the time of seasons passed us.   But, we always felt there was more time to give and anything important would get done….. In time.

So lets all make a list of what needs to get done today, tomorrow or in months to come.  You are probably looking at your list wondering how you can finish it.  There just is not enough time in the day right?

Well I am here to slap you in the face, ring some bells and kick your ass because I know within that list, probably low down (or maybe not included at all) is health. The magic of good health!  The magic of loving your body and allowing it to grow old and give you everything you need throughout the years.

Figure out how you are going to make time for YOU!

The biggest reason…. Life! True, fun filled LIFE!  Breathing and allowing yourself to experience everything your future has to offer.

Is it simple? Yes it is.  Here is my request to you in the time you will allow it to happen.

Move your body. See your Doctor.  Eat well!  It’s a simple recipe you can follow.

It’s that simple. No one is making it difficult to do other than you!

Your body needs your help. It relies on what you give it, how you maintain it.  How you appreciate it.  The ability to break your own heart is evident in the lack of time you give it.

I had a wonderful conversation with a man who has the privilege to help people. He spoke of simple steps individuals could make to impact their health in a positive way.

Dr. Stephen Friesen and I spoke about what staying healthy means. In my eyes it is easy to exercise and I crave the exhilaration it feeds me.  I need to move my body in any way possible to feel alive.  I need to fuel my body with food that can actually sustain it. Dr. Friesen was amazed at the amount of benefits people can achieve with exercise and a healthy diet but he was discouraged at the amount of people who really stick to this plan.  I agree with him.  I have seen the exact same thing in the fitness industry.  I want to share the advice of Dr. Friesen:

I think guys should get some idea of their cardiac risk when they hit 40 (women at 50). This doesn’t mean they necessarily need to be screened annually but they should find out what their cholesterol is like, check on their sugars and blood pressure. They need to address the obvious like stopping smoking. This is all even more important if they have a family history of early heart disease (men in their 40’s and women in their 50’s).

If patients start addressing elevated sugar/lipids early they are able to make far more change with lifestyle than later on in life.

I think that the people that are successful over time are making changes that are not overly dramatic and easier to maintain as part of their lifestyle. The fad diets and New Year’s resolution exercise programs don’t seem to be very helpful for the long term.

I definitely have concerns about the guys who go hard core for something like hockey once or twice a week but that’s it for physical activity for them. The problem I see with this is they are going hard for short bursts and they have nothing to back it up with. They will often say to me that they exercise regularly (hockey once a week) or they have a physical job but it’s not the kind of physical activity that addresses cardiac fitness, cholesterol or sugars.

I would say that first steps include reviewing their cardiac risk with their doc. This would likely involve getting some labs done and checking blood pressure. I think start walking is great advice. I’m amazed at how well people do with just going out for a 30 minute walk 5 times a week

I read his words and it all seems so simple to me, so easy to accomplish. But then I take a step back and think about the person who didn’t smoke, was active his entire life ate well but missed one important piece of the puzzle.  The piece of the puzzle that hides what is happening on the inside.  The screening with the help of your doctor that could potentially give you more time!

Make the time to be active. Make the time to see your doctor.  Make the time to eat well.

My heart breaks every second of the day for this person who missed one piece of the puzzle. This person, my husband, was the strongest man I knew!  He beat me on the runs, on the mountain bike rides.  He could hike to the top of a mountain without stopping and we would challenge each other to keep going.  Everything he did was effortless.  This was the exact reason why making time for that one piece of the puzzle didn’t seem necessary.  How many other people do not feel it is necessary?  Who thinks they can hold off because there is so much time?

I feel like too many people just ignore it or are scared to face the facts of their health. People are lazy.  People are selfish.  Whatever your reason, trust me, you don’t have as much time as you think.

Having your hands on someone’s chest trying to save their life will forever change a person. Your eyes are opened to the possibilities of everything negative but you also realize what you can do to expand the positive.


Life is precious.

The loss of my husband has given me more life to educate. I am so proud that he has inspired others to make the time to see their doctor and work on each piece of the puzzle.

I cannot pull myself out of the ache of losing Peter but I can encourage others so they may never experience the same situation.

Please…..Make….. Time!



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