Thank you to The Vernon Vipers

Sport…it isn’t fair at times and it certainly won’t allow the best team to win.   The season comes to a close on a group of individuals who I truly enjoyed every minute with.  Ok, minus a few secretive throat punch thoughts.  In all honesty, being involved in a team setting is an unbelievable feeling!  Team dynamics is not only a character builder but a lifeline.  Memories, best friends….. They are all created!


This past season with The Vernon Vipers was one of the most memorable.  It will be rewarding to see where the direction of Hockey takes these athletes in the future.  Will they continue their role on the ice or end their career.  Will they attend University?  Will they finish a degree?  Will they be playing under the NHL lights?  I hope for success for all of them.  Some will return next season, some I may never see again.  I have been fortunate to continue a career that helps develop these athletes through their Strength & Conditioning plus allow the team to grow and bond together with whatever I can do to make it fun!  Paintball, bowling, Geocaching, Scavenger Hunting, Pictionary.  I swear I enjoyed the laughs more!

I wish a big GOOD LUCK throat punch to all of them!  Keep the dream alive!  Not everyone can say they have the skills and talent to play the amazing game of Hockey!

Thank you:

Danny Todosychuk   – “I can feel it in my low back and neck” never gets old!

Jarrod Schamerhorn  –  Keep the dedication in the gym strong!

Nicholas Rasovic  – OMG he reminds me of Aaron Volpatti!  Maybe you’ll be wearing the Caps jersey one day!

Mitchell oliver – A career after Hockey RADIO ANALYSIS!  And we will be texting the entire time “F*ck Ya”

Linden Hora – With a name like LINDEN you got it made!

Mitch Meek – Check out those ABS!

Johnny Coughlin – American boy next door!

Luke Shiplo – I will NEVER forget the paintball war!  I was laughing tears!  I am blaming Luke on my goggle fogginess from my tears which you kinda need in order to play paintball!

Mackenzie Bauer –  The strong, silent type!

Blaine Caton – School got in the way of some Thursday fun days!  Hopefully you can make up for that in the future!

Jagger Williamson – Close to my heart you good ol’ Lumby boy!

Kenny citron – Captain America!  I have no words!

Brandon Egli – Holy slapshot Batman and can he grow a BEARD!

Colton McCarthy – Work ethic!  I love someone who dedicates themselves in the gym!

Anthony Latina – “Rhonda I have my f*cking pantyhose on”  Best line ever!

Riley Brandt – Holy crap watching the energy this kid has on the ice ….how does he walk out of the arena?

TJ Dumonceaux – I was asked one day “who on the team is in the BEST shape”  My first thought… TJ!  High energy player who was never shy to bust out the dance moves in the gym.

Luke Voltin – Quiet but strong.  Look out for those ones!

Liam Finlay – He may be small but holy shit does he have a huge amount of talent!

Riley Guenther – Dance moves equaled the talent & hard work and maybe a recording contract in the future as well as pro Hockey?

Thomas Aldworth –  Man I want to see this dude with all his teeth!  And if he loses it again…. Just look behind the fridge!

Liam Coughlin – That Boston accent CRACKS ME UP!

And Thank you to the coaches, Mark Ferner, Kevin Kraus and Eric Godard for your trust!

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