“You can break an Athlete with their hand”

I love that quote! Stuart McGill along with many other amazing minds in the Strength & Conditioning industry led the Perform Better Summit in Long Beach, California this past weekend. It is the biggest rush meeting and hearing these presenters. What more could you ask for! The best motivation to push you even further into making yourself better!

Stuart McGill reminded me how important grip strength is in an athlete. No, I never forgot why grip strength is important. Never ignored it, never thought it was a can of beans. His seminars just made me remind myself to keep going! To keep pushing myself to understand further! To ignore the times when people would look at me funny when I talked about how important grip strength is. Stuart McGill motivated me to stop thinking little things are little things!

The hand is taken for granted. The hand and it’s magical power that transfers throughout the body is taken for granted! The ability to beat an opponent because your central strength is amazing and because your grip strength plays a role in that, is brilliant! The Human body truly is more amazing then we can imagine.

Does your grip strength rob your shoulder of true potential? Does your grip strength rob you from higher sport performance? Does your grip strength not allow you to lift an amount of weight you can be successful at lifting? Have you even thought about it?

Well maybe it’s time you did!