STRONG POINTS – Tips to get going

By Contributed – Vernon Morning Star

Finding balance in your training and conditioning program can be a tough call for people with busy lives. The first thing to go is usually fitness. People find it hard to find time or the energy to be involved in a well rounded program. Finding the balance between training and life doesn’t need to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take tons of time out of your schedule. If you are finding yourself in a rut or having a hard time starting a healthier lifestyle, I hope this article gives you the motivation to start!

I asked current clients for feedback on how staying active makes them feel.
Doug H.: “Working out has really helped me mentally just knowing that I can physically accomplish so much more, like longer and more productive shifts at hockey, just tying up the skate laces easily, more day to day energy. Being in better physical shape just gives you more confidence in yourself. It took hard work to get in shape and just knowing you had the discipline to accomplish that helps you in your approach to your daily life, it makes goal setting easier knowing that same discipline can be applied to other aspects of your life.”

Nicole M.: “Committing to daily exercise helps me relieve stress and tension; exercise releases endorphins in my brain, which make me feel happier and more confident.”

Gord F.: “My fitness routine helps me to stay physically mobile and mentally sharp as I age gracefully.”

Some great tips to help you continue the path of fitness:

n Find a conditioning program that helps you stay motivated and accountable. This could mean joining with friends or a program that is group based.

n Be sure to take into account adaptation. Finding activities and programs that lack proper adaptation is an injury waiting to happen! Just because it’s hard doesn’t means it’s good! Avoid beating your body into the ground with high volume and lack of technique. Training to fatigue is a sure-fire way to get injured.

Search out quality instruction and don’t be afraid to ask for credentials/liability insurance and ongoing education credits.

Now take this time to get moving and inspired — your body and mind will thank you!

Strong Points is written by certified personal trainer Rhonda Catt, with CATT Conditioning and Excel Fitness in Vernon.