Stress is a Mess!

Ya, we have heard it before… STRESS! You are stressed…. I’m so stressed. It’s unavoidable and happens daily. It’s the everyday stresses that people do not recognize such as getting the kids ready for school on time or the drive to work….. you know, those drivers that seem to forget they have turn signals for a reason! Most people just go about their day but along with physical stress, that mental stress all adds up.
Here is a daily challenge for you, choose one option below and see how you feel after one week!

Challenge 1: Increase your sleep! How much do you get per night? Do you stay up late on weekends? Are you able to get at least 8 hours sleep per night?
Challenge 2: Are you too busy? Can you say No? Do you feel like you need to help out in every situation? Take time for yourself! Can you say no when needed?
Challenge 3: Eat clean and healthy! What can you eliminate or reduce in your diet? How much sugar do you consume daily? Can you increase the amount of vegetables daily?
Challenge 4: Activity! Can you perform some sort of daily physical activity?

Pick a challenge and see what you can accomplish for one week! Good luck!

Tough Mudder

Wow! Headed to Whistler this past weekend for an amazing weekend of ..well, not too sure how to explain it! It was FUN, it was totally more then I imagined! I was on a high after completing the course! I couldn’t wait to do it all over again or at least something else similiar to it! Was it tough…no, actually! I honestly didn’t think it was tough. The cold water obstacles were brutal but they were also so much fun. I looked at that course and experience and was thankful for my background of fitness and loving the fact that I could accomplish the challenge with no problem at all. Each person I saw cramping or limping made me realize how fortunate I was to love what I do because my training background made it fairly easy, if that is the best word to describe it!?
What I realized was that it doesn’t need to be a Tough Mudder challenge to make you appreciate your fitness or training background. You could be the average Joe who just spends some great quality time with your kids and plays pretty hard with them. The fact that you have the ability to do so because of your fitness is exactly what I want you to appreciate!
For me, it was the challenge of Tough Mudder and doing it! For you, it could be the game of flag football with friends or biking with your kids. Take the time to appreciate what you CAN do but also take the time to think about what you CAN’T do? Do you have limitations simply due to the fact that you aren’t active? Are you someone who just doesn’t do much at all? Tired…aches…pains? Maybe it’s time to get moving more! There is never too late of a time to get active…get fit and move your body!
What Tough Mudder taught me was to open up to opportunities for MORE! To get out of my comfort zone in strictly training…… put that training to USE! Mountain biking, running, weight training…it all helped me but now it’s time to have some fun with other adventures. Wow… I can’t wait! How about you?