Is there Joy in Stress?

Wow… I have just had an evening of wondering how I can stay sane and a good mother!  Exercise always comes to mind!!  I am now thinking that I really need to learn to shut my mind off and try new things!  Stay commited to Yoga or exercise that allows me to relax more and shut my mind off!  I think it’s going to be HARD!

Having two young boys that are always running around being loud, wanting to play hallway hockey and me fighting with them to do their homework, read and practice math is INSANE!  How do single parents do it? 

Sitting down after getting them to bed I remembered that I haven’t even touched my blog in ages!  I always want to educate my clients as much as possible and planned on entering something enlightening and educational as much as possible!  When I sat down and remembered to check in, I wanted to write about something I felt was completely different.  So many parents out there are probably going through the crazy times of young kids, the loudness, the fighting and trying to figure out how to de-stress!  For me, it’s so clear!  It’s exercise!!!  I cannot imagine my life without it!  For parents who do NOT exercise, I can’t imagine how much more stress they are dealing with!  Fitness is my avenue of release and I understand that it may not be everyones choice but it sure kicks ass! 

But, this evening there wasn’t a choice of taking off for a run, or whatever my workout is any given day (I did it this morning anyways..haha)  I decided my workout was mental!  I need to figure out HOW to clam myself in times of crazy kids!  How to appreciate the crappy times!  So, I thought why not ask people!  What do you do?  What makes you calm yourself in times of stress at home with the kids?  How do you calm your child when they are cranky?  How do you calm yourself when you think you are about to lose it!  Hmmmmm…… any advice!

You can never find the Joy in Stress!  Those two words do not go together!  So, this is the workout… finding Joy in Stress!  Because as I type this, I think I’ve found it!  Two, wonderfully healthy children!  Why am I stressing!