Stop the denial!

Losing weight and fatloss really is an easy concept!  Eat healthy, clean & wholesome foods 80-90% of the time!  Have smaller portions throughout the day.  Yes… I believe most have heard these same tips.  Why do most people seem to lose when it comes to losing the weight and dropping the fat?  Could it be denial?

Yes, I think alot of what is stopping people from reaching their goals is denial!  Denial of what they eat, when they eat, how they eat and WHY!  The denial of eating healthy and clean for alot of people still means pulling something out of a box or bag.  If it says it’s healthy for you on the box…. shouldn’t it mean it is!  HELL NO!

The denial of knowing what is right and wrong to eat…. or should I say, more appropriate!  Eating RIGHT takes work.  It takes courage to try new things and different recipes that you may not be accustomed to.  It means taking the time to plan your meals and preparing lunch and on the road snacks.  Stopping at a drive through and having the denial that it’s healthy is false!  Sure, there are healthier choices available but nothing beats a clean, healthy, wholesome meal or snack prepared by YOU!

Stop the denial of what you are eating.  Everyone makes the comment that “I do eat healthy…. I do eat clean”.  I think not!  The denial of most is what is stopping their success and taking them backwards … further away from reaching their goals.  The denial of food, the denial of lack of food!  It goes both ways.  When you start to treat your body with respect and your health with respect, this is when the denial stops!  This is when you get closer to your goals!  Stop the denial and take action!  Appreciate life and your body and have fun!  Denial leads to failure! 

Now, get going and start your success!