What does it take?

Hockey pre-season conditioning is now starting and the summer is going to busy…busy…busy!  Always a fun time with amazing athletes who work their butts off!  Even though I enjoy every minute of it I also find myself frustrated!  Frustrated because every summer I run into an overachieving parent who thinks they know best!  They want their child to spend every moment training for Hockey!  They will go to great lengths to find, what they think, is the best training, the best equipment, the best …the best….the best! 

Now, don’t get me wrong!  There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for your child BUT there are limits!  I find it funny that when you start to talk about reducing dysfunction and getting the child to perform better by moving better, it’s an entirely new language to them!  They want all the fancy exercises, the fancy training tools, the hardest workouts and most workouts they can get per week.  The goal is never to find the underlying dysfunctions!  These dysfunctions that potentially will reduce performance.  I just don’t get it!  

I think the Strength & conditioning industry will change drastically and very soon when we have amazing people leading the industry.  Such greats as Chad Benson, Michael Boyle, Eric Cressey and so much more!  Stuart McGill and Thomas Meyers who lead with so much knowledge and help us in the fitness industry teach with passion and great research! 

Some of these parents don’t want to hear about the Spiral line or want to understand how the Functional Movement screens are performed.  They want their child to lift heavy, push hard and look fancy on each and every exercise!  Well, to that I say… “Find a new trainer”!  When you really want to see success and reduce dysfunction then give me a call!

Success takes knowledge and knowledge is power!  That power transfers to any sport!  Train smart, train right to be better!

Assessing and correcting!

Have you ever stopped to think how important your quality of movement is?  Can you complete daily tasks or play your sport and feel strong while doing so?  Ever wonder that maybe there could be some underlying dysfunction that limits your ability to perform better!

Well, for 99% of people there are many dysfunctions.  They just haven’t showed their face yet!  Moving better should be the goal for every individual.  Compensation patterns take over for the slightest dysfunction in the body and over time an injury starts to occur.  Most of these aches and pains cannot be pinpointed and you often hear someone say “I have no idea what I did”.  Physical fitness comes in many forms.  It’s great to have variety to reduce boredom & overuse injuries but to gain true fitness success there needs to be some form of assessment. 

What does all this mean and what can be done to help you?  It is highly recommended to have a circle of professionals within your reach.  A Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, massage therapist all can play an amazing roll in keeping you strong and healthy!  Use whomever you can and get a personalized assessment.   Is there balance between the left and right side of the body?  Do you have poor posture?  Has there been a previous injury that keeps returning?

These assessments help recognize dysfunctions and start you on a path of better movement and help reduce and hopefully eliminate any aches or pains!

The most basic primal movement patterns are lost as we age and as lack of activity take over.  Everyone should be able to squat, jump, bound, sprint, run etc.  Sitting at a desk, repetitive movement patterns in work or simply being lazy reduce the ability to move better!  Athletes who perform patterns of high repetitions in their sport such as hockey players/skating stride, Volleyball/jump patterns, Tennis/rotational patterns are also subject to an underlying dysfunction and over time may show as an injury.

Fancy exercises, tons of tools and heavy weight will only go so far in training.  If you don’t address dysfunction you are only masking the problem. 

Cheryl Witter at North End Spine and Sport in Vernon, B.C.  sees similar dysfunctions in the average individual and athlete such as stiff Thoracic spine (upper back) which may lead to issues such as headaches, rotator cuff tendonitis, hands going to sleep and much more.  Tight hamstrings which leads to immobility of the hips which will place extra stress on the low back.  Another issue is poor core control.  Abdominal dysfunction can lead to back pain, lack of power and so much more!

It’s time for you to assess and correct!

(Photo: Stefan Schneider, who recently signed with the Vancouver Canucks, performs a series of Functional Movement Screens with Personal Trainer Rhonda Catt)


I have four links below that are very inspiring!
Health & Fitness for everyone can be a challenge at the best of times!  We only have ourselves to blame, to admire, to encourage and to compare to.  How can you make your next workout better than your last!  Tomorrow better than today!  Goals are achieved through your hard work and determination!  It is what you put into today that allows for success or failure tomorrow… and the next day…..and the next day……..
Only YOU can get yourself one step closer to your goals!  What will you do to achieve?