How boring can the Gym be?

I often wonder how bored people are when they head to the gym and follow their regular fitness routine.  I can’t imagine what the majority are thinking!  I get bored so easy and being a Trainer… it’s a good thing!  I can change things up and keep having fun very easily plus loving fitness makes even more fun!

But, for people that are just chugging along with no true goals in mind or feel like they need to utilize every piece of equipment in a gym… I feel really bad for you!

First off, ask yourself how much of a change you have made since you started working out at a Gym.  Have you really seen the results you wanted.  Do you look around and see the same people doing the same thing every time they enter the gym?  Boooooooooring!

I don’t mean to put a downer on fitness, I just want people to know that fitness should not be boring and it should be FUN!  If you don’t think fitness is fun you need to look elsewhere!  Think about joining a group program.  If a group program is intimidating…. who cares… it goes away!  You will laugh later on how scared you may have been before you joined that group program.  This can be the best way to stay motivated and see results! 

Think of fitness in a whole new light!  Take a few days a week to do something new!  Maybe you have in indoor facility that offers rock climbing or there may be a hiking group in your town that meets once a week.  Fitness doesn’t have to be JUST in the gym.  Sure, it’s a great place to meet with friends and it makes it easy to do something but it doesn’t have to be boring!

The best thing I ever did with my business is start more group programs.  I work with professional athletes and that is amazing but my group programs have been inspiring and FUN!  I have seen more results within my group programs …. more then private sessions for general fitness or fat loss.  It’s the group motivation and interaction that really gets people to stick with their plan and reach their goals!  The variety and friendship keeps them coming back and wanting more!

Don’t feel the gym is the only way to go in regards to getting Fit!  Search out other options and have FUN!

Just Tips!

Has the arrival of a New Year encouraged you to start exercising or continue an old fitness program again?   Due to a lack of clear vision, goals and willingness to pay the price to achieve it, many people keep fighting a battle of  How, What, When and Why?   

The Fat burning zone is a myth. 

Higher intensity workouts equal increased fat and calorie usage overall and will help you get more done in less time!  Anyone can adapt their workout to suit this goal & their current fitness level.  More is not better!  Stop the long, steady-state cardio! 

Recovery is crucial for fitness success.

Playing & practicing your sport 5 days per week with another 5 days per week workouts will NOT make you a better player!  If you are looking for injuries and burnout then you are on the right track!  If you are a coach or parent who breathes this vision then you need to evaluate yourself!  Or, if you are a fitness enthusiast who trains 6 days a week and never alters your intensity level or what you do please search help from a qualified professional in the fitness industry that specializes in your specific goal.

Train smart especially during your off-season

Many individuals think starting a fitness program 2 weeks before their sporting event will help increase success.  You need to train in the off-season to prepare your body for your sport of choice.  Training should be modified throughout the season and especially in-season.

Stop lifting fluffy weights!

Most women believe that lifting heavy weights will make them big and bulky!  If you want to get lean and reduce body fat you need to use appropriate resistance.  Genetics will determine how your body transforms and you will be able to make changes along the way with your program as your body adapts.  You will not wake up one morning shocked and looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger!  The majority of females do not have the hormonal makeup to get big and bulky… unless you are taking steroids! 

Training through pain

No pain no gain… WRONG!  Fatigue, discomfort and “muscle burn” are a part of working out but pain isn’t!  If you are feeling pain, referred pain or joint instability please contact a Physiotherapist.  Not taking action can cause future injuries and possibly stop your workout routine in its tracks!

Eating whatever you want

This is not the way to achieve results.  You will be more successful in losing weight, body fat and inches with healthy, clean eating.  Have smaller portion sizes throughout the day but spread your food between 5-6 meals.  A structured fitness program does not give you clearance to eat garbage!  If you are working out and not seeing the results you want to see then you are lying to yourself… you are eating junk!… plain and simple.  Write it down, evaluate and figure out a healthy eating game plan!

The secret on how the Stars lose weight!!!

Pretty catchy title eh!  I hear it all the time.  How is it so easy for celebrities to lose weight?  How does a celebrity lose weight so quickly after having a baby?

Hmmm… pretty easy to figure that out! 

First, everyone needs to remember that the average individual works about 10 hours a day.  For most people, finding time to fit in exercise can be a challenge.  Also, the average person doesn’t follow a healthy, clean eating plan.

Now, for these movie stars that seem to lose weight so quickly and have such an easy time of it!… Get over it!  No, it’s probably not easy for them.  Eating healthy and clean and having a commitment to exercise is a challenge for most and I’m sure these stars who make millions feel the same way!  They are human!  Take into consideration that most of them, if not all, have their own Personal Trainer, there own chef and probably a Nutritionist to guide them every step of the way.  How many times have you talked to the “average person” who has there own chef and personal trainer!  Not likely!  Besides, if you had a contract to be filmed and millions of people might see it, wouldn’t that inspire you to get your butt moving!  Get active and eat healthy!  What is pushing you to succeed?  Probably not a movie contract but how about a longer life contract!?

There is no secret magic that these Stars have to help them lose weight.  Anyone can do it if they are truly inspired to do so!  You can be motivated like crazy by a Personal Trainer but if you don’t WANT to lose weight and work for it…. if you are not inspired to do so…. you won’t!  Plain and simple!  What I find so frustrating as a Personal Trainer is the fact that the media and magazines glorify this wonderful job these stars do to lose weight!  They make it look easy and the response from the “average person” is frustration because they cannot do it themselves!  YOU CAN DO IT!  You can do it by taking the time to be inspired by WHY you want to lose weight and body fat!

What do you want!  Why do you want to lose weight?  Getting your body moving and eating healthy is the only way to make this happen!  Arming yourself with as much education as possible will drive your success because the more educated you are about health and fitness the more results you will see!

 Screw the celebrities!  It’s your turn to “make it look easy”!

Proud Canadian!

Just finished watching the World Junior Hockey Champ.  Sure, USA won and it puts a downer on the fact that Canada lost a hockey game!  How does THAT happen!  Dangit! 

Seeing the comeback though from Team Canada in the third period makes you appreciate the amazing talent these guys have.  What a joy watching the most amazing sport in the world!  The speed, quickness, agility, strength…. they have it all!  Any Sport is such an amazing pleasure to experience, to watch and it boggles my mind how people can’t enjoy participating or watching!  The control, the balance, the ability to move the human body throughout any sport is pretty amazing!

If you haven’t had the experience of playing Hockey you are missing out!  If you haven’t had the experience of team sports you need to join some sort of team!  If you haven’t had the experience of participating in any activity that proves the power of what the human body can do…. you need to make a point of DOING IT!  Put it on your bucket list!

Yes… proud Canadian win or lose!  I am just very happy that I have the opportunity to get on the ice and experience the best sport in the world!  I get to play with great women who love the joy of hockey and sport as much as I do!  Or Soccer, or Basketball, or Snowboarding!  Seriously….. enjoy every minute of it!  And be proud of it…. no matter who you are!